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Audio Courses—  


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Human Consciousness—

•  Understanding Human Biography ~ A Path of Self Development
Understanding Human Destiny: The Journey Between Death and Rebirth
Exploring the Depths of the Soul: Understanding the Human Double
Thy Will be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven: the Living Power of Prayer and Meditation

•  Entering the Temple of the Heart: a Path to the Holy of Holies Within

•  Karmic Relationships and Inner Awareness

•  Star Wisdom: The Twelve Great Gates of Heaven
•  Karma and Human Destiny: The Seven Miracles of Christ as Archetypes for Healing the

         Seven Soul Forces
The Nine Beatitudes of Christ: an Exploration of Inner Development

•  The School of Selflessness and the Path of Forgiveness
Sophia and the Archangel Jesus and the Five Sacrifices of Christ
•  Penetrating Dante’s Divine Comedy, part one and part two

•  Spiritual Science and the Holy Scriptures: Esoteric Wisdom in the Old Testament
Spiritual Science and the Holy Scriptures: Esoteric Wisdom in the New Testament

•  Exploring the Book of Revelations, part one, and part two
•  The Sacred Marriage of the Masculine and Feminine Virtues within the Soul: Cultivating Love on Life’s Path  

•  A Quest for Sophia in Our Time and in the Mysticism of the Kabbalah

Divine Feminine—

•  Remembering the Voice of the Divine Feminine: the Quest for Sophia, Holy Wisdom
Mary Sophia: The Divine Union of the Soul and Spirit

•  Interiority of the Heart: Stages of Initiate Consciousness Exemplified through the Living Virtues

         in the Life of Mary

•  A Quest for Sophia in our Time and in the Mysticism of the Kabbalah

•  The Black Madonna: the Divine Mystery Veiled in Blackness

One-Day Workshops

Celebrating the Festivals in Your Home
•  The Mystery of the Holy Nights

•  Behold the Midnight Sun: The Mystery of the Holy Nights

•  Holy Saturday Mystery: The Saturn Mysteries of Lazarus—Cain

Divine Feminine—
Mary in Eternity
•  The Divine Feminine: Attributes of Mary as an Archetype for Parenting
Mary Magdalene: Mysteries of the Divine Feminine
Meditation to Mary Sophia

Human Consciousness—
Principles of Love: Understanding the Deepest Challenge of Human Existence
Healing the Heart of the Soul: Forgiveness, a Journey of Self-Transformation.

•  Forgiveness as a Spiritual Deed for the World
•  Kabbalah~ The Mystery of God’s Presence: Exploring the Tree of Life


•  The Sacred Work of Parenting - Cultivating Truth, Beauty and Goodness in the Home

•  Parenting - Cultivating Virtues in the Home
•  Exploring the Temperaments and the Waldorf Curriculum
Parenting:  Understanding the Nine-Year Change
•  Parenting:  The Twelve-Year Change
•  Conflict Resolution: Educating Emotional Intelligence
Speaking with Children about Human Reproduction and Sexuality

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