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Understanding Human Biography
as a
Path of Self-Development

“ At birth, our lives stretch out before us on untouched panes of space and time, but slowly and inevitably our biographies crystallize into intricate patterns shaped by identifiable laws.”

                              William Bryant, The Veiled Pulse of Time

A 10 week  course

given by

Karen Rivers

• Self-knowledge and biography
• Seven year cycles of life
• Weaving the cosmic forces of a new life
• Balance of polarities in human lives
• Life cycles of spiritual development          • Karma and our soul companions    
• Cultivation of conscious soul forces
• Crisis points in human life            

• Life of the cosmos in the human soul    
• Charting the course of life         
• Sources of spiritual renewal

Caravaggio, Saint Matthew and the Angel, 1602-3.

Audio Course fee:  $200
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