Rosamira Circle

Spiritual Formation for Children and Families

The Rosamira Circle is a community of friends devoted to the spiritual unity of humankind, serving the spiritual nourishment of children, youth, and adults, welcoming people of all ages. We celebrate the cycle of the year in its spiritual depth, drawing upon spiritual teachings from the great religions of the world and honoring Christ and Sophia as Divine Beings of Love and Wisdom. We celebrate the four cornerstones of the year—the summer and winter solstices and the vernal and autumnal equinoxes—with the solar festivals of Advent/Christmas, Easter, Pentecost/St. John’s Tide, and Michaelmas, offering archetypes for the cosmic unfolding of the cycle of the year.  With song, dance and story, readings, prayer and liturgy, the Rosamira Circle seeks to deepen the conscious unfolding of the human soul and spirit. We welcome you to join us in spiritual community in service to divine love and wisdom.

Rosamira - Russian for “the Rose of the World”- presents the image of a cosmic flower, each petal reflecting one of the world religions nourished from the stem by the One Eternal God and growing as a unified blossom.  Mir means “peace” in Russian — thus “the Rose of Peace”.

Sunday Mornings

2019 - 2020
10:30 a.m.  – 12:00 noon


                           September 15, 29
                            October 13, 27
                          November 10, 24       
  December 8, 24 ~ Christmas Eve
4:00-5:30 p.m.
                            January 19               

                            February 2, 16
                           March 1, 15, 29   
                       April 12 ~ Easter, 26           
                                May 3, 17, 31 ~ Pentecost
                               June 7

The gatherings are ministered by Karen Rivers, founder of the Rosamira Circle, who has an extensive background in World Religions, Sufism, Anthroposophy, and Sophianic Christianity, with a deep respect for the spiritual traditions of the world.

 Location:  8407 Pickards Meadow Road
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
For information: 919-942-2465